Description of Access

EuroBioNMR supports users to identify the best route for their research, in terms of both best exploitation and access of NMR technique, either free of charge, or at an academic rate.

Individual researchers and research teams may submit a proposal for receiving feedback from EuroBioNMR. Proposals can be submitted, upon registration, accessing the “EuroBioNMR Proposal Submission Service”.

See below how to access EuroBioNMR facilities or Click here for a complete landscape of biological NMR access opportunities. If you think your project is eligible for support within other routes (e.g. Instruct-ERIC or iNEXT), we can also provide advise on how to submit the proposal. For further info:


Instruction for proposals submission to EuroBioNMR:

  • Only principal investigators (PI) can submit a proposal
  • Select the preferred EuroBioNMR facility for evaluation: this will possibly speed up feedback provision
  • Project description should include important references
  • Provide information about the sample:
    • Concentration
    • Labelling
    • Stability
    • Buffer conditions
    • Availability of spectra (e.g. 15N HSQC) of your sample showing the feasibility of the project
  • If you are an expert NMR user, you may Indicate type of equipment and experiments you believe best fit your research. If you are not an expert users, please add any further info you think relevant for the project.

Pre-screening – the form is processed by the  the local facility staff (Local Operators – LO). LO will screen the proposal on technical feasibility and will preliminary evaluate:

  1. necessity to acquire further information/details on the proposal
  2. suitable experiments/expertise for the success  the proposal
  3. the type of equipment to be used.

Evaluation – after the pre-screening, the proposal is forwarded to members of  the Evaluation Panel that will formulate the final feed back for best access provision.

Confidentiality – All data reported in the proposal will be considered confidential. On request, a confidentiality agreement can be set in place.