CERM/CIRMMP is an infrastructure for Life Sciences providing expertise and access to high quality instruments and unique expertise in different fields of research related to NMR.
NMR is a key technology in different fields of Research: Health, Chemistry, Material Sciences, Agrifood.



At CERM/CIRMMP, competences and technologies comprise:

Structural Biology  Molecular BiologyCellular BiologyMetabolomicsBiomaterialsBioinformaticsComputational Biology

The CERM/CIRMMP Infrastructure has a long track record of access provision to European users, which is dating back to 1994 and stems from the national NMR service established in 1989.

The infrastructure hosts one of the widest range of high-resolution spectrometers, for solution and solid-state NMR as well as for metabolomics: 11 NMR spectrometers ranging from 400 MHz to 950 MHz, equipped with several probes to meet most conceivable experimental conditions plus a relaxometer covering the range 0.01-40 MHz. CERM/CIRMMP will also host the first 1200 MHz NMR spectrometer, expected to be installed in 2018. Thanks to its instrumentation and to its expertise, users accessing CERM/CIRMMP have the possibility to perform, at the highest level, the most comprehensive array of experiments needed in all research fields.

CERM/CIRMMP also features molecular biology laboratories, a biophysical laboratory with dynamic light scattering, EPR, CD, stopped-flow, fluorimetry, UV-visible spectrophotometers, isothermal micro-calorimeter and differential scanning calorimeter and atomic absorption (ICP-MS).

The research activity of the infrastructure encompasses bioinformatics, cellular structural biology, molecular biology, drug discovery, NMR methodology, relaxometry, metabolomics. The CERM/CIRMMP Infrastructure is a centre of the ESFRI Instruct and a node of a European computing grid on which an IT group is operative.

Futher information is available at www.cerm.unifi.it