Slovenian NMR Centre


The Slovenian NMR Centre  is a national facility that offers infrastructure and expertise in the field of NMR spectroscopy to scientists and researchers in academic and industrial institutions.

At the Slovenian NMR Centre, competences and technologies include:

Small Molecules  Molecular BiologyMetabolomicsNanoporous MaterialsComputational Biology


At the Slovenian NMR Centre, we have five high-resolution NMR spectrometers. 800 and 600 MHz NMR spectrometers are primarily used to study 3D structures and dynamics of complex molecular systems with high molecular weight, e.g. proteins and nucleic acids in solutions. Since they are equipped with cold probes, which drastically increase sensitivity, they can also be used to investigate samples at very low concentrations. Another 600 MHz spectrometer is mainly used for solid-samples, e.g. to study polymorphism in the field of pharmacy and investigate mesoporous silicate drug-delivery systems and interactions of the active substances with either drug-carriers or excipients. Two 300 MHz NMR instruments facilitate monitoring of (organic) synthesis, pharmaceutical analytics, food chemistry and other chemical industry.

Research at the Slovenian NMR Centre is focused on studies of nucleic acids, quadruplexes, structural studies of proteins and biosimilars. Furthermore, we have expertise in studies of ligand-receptor interactions, molecular interactions between peptides and lipopolysaccharides, structural studies and dynamics of antibiotics, potential active pharmaceutical ingredients and genotoxic impurities. Great portion of our research represents conformational studies of small organic molecules, their dynamics in solution, detection and characterization of metabolites in solution and solid-state as well as quality and authenticity control of Slovenian wines.

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