Universytet Warszawski

The Laboratory of New Methods of NMR Spectroscopy is located in the Biological and Chemical Research Centre of the University of Warsaw (Poland), and it is a core facility of Warsaw High Field NMR Consortium which gathers NMR laboratories from various departments of University of Warsaw.

At the Laboratory of New Methods of NMR Spectroscopy, competences and technologies include:

methods development – high dimensionality NMR – Intrinsically Disordered Proteins – structural biology

The Laboratory manages Bruker 800 MHz (with cryogenic probe), Agilent 600 MHz spectrometers, and additionally, have access to 700, 500, and 400 MHz spectrometers within the frames of Warsaw High Field Consortium. 800, 700, 600 MHz spectrometers are dedicated to development of new methods in the field of data acquisition and new experiments design for liquid state NMR spectroscopy as well as to conduct various biological studies. 500 and two 400 MHz machines serve for routine experiments for (bio) organic synthesis laboratories.

Research at the Laboratory of New Methods of NMR Spectroscopy is focused on the methodological aspects of acquisition, data processing and new experiments design which exploits mainly non-uniform sampling methods facilitating the use of high dimensional spectra (3-5D) in the most difficult cases in research of globular and disordered proteins as well as RNAs.

Futher information is available at http://nmr.cent3.uw.edu.pl/