The European NMR infrastructures have a strong past record of providing integrated access and constitute a model whose impact is highly appreciated outside Europe.
They have evolved from providing generic access to NMR as analytical facilities, to NMR in Life Sciences with a major focus in Structural Biology. However, demand of NMR access beyond structural biology is strong and still growing. Within life sciences, there is a growth of interest and demand for access in several areas, for instance in metabolomics and in drug discovery.

Past networking activities with major stakeholders carried out in the frame of the EU funded projects have underlined the necessity to establish a coordinated NMR organization in order to facilitate the contacts/approach/relationship of research groups wishing to introduce NMR approach in their research. The establishment of a coordinated grouping of NMR research infrastructures will also foster the development of NMR technology for the broad life science community including chemical, pharmaceutical, food industries and agricultural sciences. Thus, in order to ensure Europe’s forefront position in biological NMR research, an appropriately co-ordinated European infrastructure is required.

“EuroBioNMR EEIG” is being established to create a pan-European organisation to co-ordinate European strategy for investments in biological NMR research infrastructures and to ensure user access to them for all excellent scientific projects.

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